We Buy, Trade, and Consign:
Used Instruments, Equipment and Accessories.

We're interested in buying, giving store credit, trading and/or selling your used items on a consignment basis. I am the buyer and I'm in the store Sunday through Thursday most weeks. Give a call before you come by to make sure I'm around and if you need assistance in bringing any items in from the car. The number here is (603) 356-3562.
I am upfront about value and have a tried and true formula both for buying outright and consigning. Rather than haggling, I'll give you very clear and transparent information on how I've come to decide on a value I can offer. In both outright purchases and consignments, I base my quote on national averages of actual sales, while taking condition and desirability into consideration. I offer the very best deal I possibly can with no bickering. I'm focused on providing the best value to both the seller and the potential buyer. We're here for the long run, and our focus is on developing and supporting good relationships both with and within the music community.
For us to buy outright, most items need to be in good condition, or able to be brought to good condition by us. Any cleaning and repairs will be factored into the price we offer, so the more cleaning and fixing you do before you bring the items to us, the better chance you have of getting higher value for it. We're interested in everything from maracas and mouthpieces to Strats and symphonic string instruments. Inexpensive beginner guitars are welcome as well as prized collector items. We have experience with the whole spectrum. If we make you an offer and you like it, we will issue you a check on the spot. Items valued at $500 and over will be better candidates for our consignment system.
For us to consign your instrument or equipment, we charge a 25% consignment fee on the final sale price of the item. There is no charge for consigning other than the final fee. We'll work with you on setting an appropriate value and we'll try to predict an expected amount of time needed to sell an item. Items will need to be in good to excellent condition. If they are not, we can arrange to have repairs or cleaning done. Costs for this will be due at the time of repair or cleaning.
Generally, any item or equipment with a value under $500 is not a good candidate for consignment. In the case of collections of instruments each valued under $500, we can advise you on the best way to proceed.
Our center is humidity and temperature controlled. We use video monitoring for safety and we carry substantial and appropriate insurance coverage for instruments and equipment on consignment or owned by us. Your instrument will be safe and well cared for.
I hope this answers any questions you might have. Let me know if we can be of service.
Best Wishes,
Brian Charles