What’s The Deal with Rico Royals?

If you’ve ever stood at our single-reed wall, you’ve most likely notice that some reeds are packaged in blue, rather than orange. These reeds are the Rico Royal reeds, and they’re different for a reason. Let’s dive in!

Single reeds come in two flavors–filed or unfiled. The orange package of reeds are filed, while the royals are not. The difference? Tonal clarity. Filed reeds have bark on their shoulders, which creates more resistance. The Royals go through an extra step in which the bark is cut off the shoulders, allowing for faster vibrations. The Royals are easy to play, designed for students, and have increased clarity in their tone. The reeds come in both clarinet and saxophone, 1.5 through 5. So, if you’re finding the orange reed too hard to vibrate, or if you’re looking for increased clarity in your notes, give the Rico Royals a try next time!

*Royals Come In…

  • Bb Clarinet 1.5-5
  • Eb Clarinet 1.5-5
  • Alto Clarinet 1.5-4
  • Bass Clarinet 1.5-4
  • Soprano Sax 1.5-4
  • Alto Sax 1.5-5
  • Tenor Sax 1.5-5
  • Baritone Sax 1.5-5

*Sizes in stock vary, some sizes/instruments available only through special order. Call for inquiries.

Reed Profile photos sourced from/property of D’Addario & Co. 2019