Guitar Slides – What??

You’ve decided you want to use a slide while playing guitar, but wait! There’s different kinds? Different shapes? Different materials? Why are there so many options here? As with most things in music, slides are chosen by preference and music style, but it never hurts to learn. Let’s dive in.

Just Some of the Slides We Keep In Stock

Shapes and Sizes

Slide sizes are determined by your ring size, or whatever feels comfortable. Most players wear the slide on their ring or pinky fingers. It’s important to get a slide that doesn’t fly off your finger, but also isn’t cutting off circulation. All of our slides come in easy-to-open packaging, so you are more than welcome to come by and try them on. If you’re unsure how it should fit, ask us to take a look.

Our Rock Slide Products

Material and Cut

We carry a large range of full slides, half slides, sculpted slides, covered slides, and multiple materials, including brass, glass, and nickel. Each material will change your sound, so its best to try them all out if you aren’t sure. We have slides in all different sizes, and you are welcome to try them all out. Come by and pick them up, experimentation is necessary.

Our Dunlop Products

*No slide has a specific genre or use, it is totally up to you. Mileage may vary from person to person, as do opinions. It’s fun to personalize your music!